IT Consulting

MacroTonix was built to provide the best experience possible by focusing on your expectations before our own comfort & convenience. We encourage you to shop around and see what your options are. Differences are most easily noticed by those who have been somewhere else first. We come up with custom solutions tailored to your timeframe, your budget, and your specific problem to follow through to make sure we understand what you need.


To put it simply, we normally charge $100 an hour. Depending on the situation, this price may increase or decrease. Our pricing is based on what we feel is fair. We work towards building trust so you don’t feel like you’re not being ripped off, and you know you are getting the best service for you and your situation. We charge a price that reflects the quality and the convenience we offer. We do not aim to be the lowest priced service provider, nor do we apologize or hide our labor rates. We are excellent at what we do, we provide excellent service, and we price ourselves accordingly.



Windows Repair

We repair all types of Windows computers. Whether you are looking to get hardware replaced, a custom computer built, or are just having software issues you’d like resolved.


Laptops & All-In-Ones

We repair all brands of Laptops and All-In-One computers. We can help you replace hardware, fix noisy laptop fans, broken power connectors, replace cracked screen, and more


Mac Repair

We can repair or help upgrade any Apple computers including Macbooks, iMacs, and Mac Pros. We can also help with any Apple mobile device issues or questions



We can help Setup any home or business network or any size or kind. From a POS system, to a simple home network.


Malware & Virus Removal

We can detect and remove all viruses, malware, spyware, and/or ransomware that may be resident on your machine.


Data Transfer and Recovery

Whether from a liquid spill or an accidental format, we can help recover lost and transfer any data.


  • Connector.

    Kim Starr

    I cannot begin to tell you what a “life-saver” he was to me! I had so much going on with so many Apple products–trying to get everything up and running with a new job in a home office situation. I have no technical skills and he literally saved me from going crazy! He was extremely patient, kind and understanding. He never once got frustrated with me and was always willing to help with anything I needed him to go over with me again and/or any questions that I had.

  • Connector.

    William Welch

    He was not only knowledgeable but very patient in walking me through various testing. I have owned several Apple products for many years and have had occasion to use Apple Technical Support. My experience with this current issue was by far the best experience I have ever received.

  • Connector.

    Stephen Tartaglia

    You provided to me, by far, the best customer service support experience I’ve ever had. You just went over and above to help me out, regardless of what the issue was/is, to get me functioning again. Many thanks for that!

  • Connector.

    Mary Graff

    Thank you very much for helping us fix my iPhone. It was very hard not having wifi, being able to text, and being able to call my friends. You were very nice through the whole thing. Because of your help I now have a perfectly working iPhone!